Eventually, that

Eventually, that Chapter AND AGAIN MATERNITY HOSPITAL transformation of the scared fallow deer into the burned lioness Dеja { } vu And nevertheless I insisted that I was put on y a floor.

Eventually, that doctor Georgadze for some reason probably, subjective does not like the local doctor, yet not an occasion to refuse all advantages of this postnatal office.

With this doctor she was called Zinaida Petrovna I got acquainted in a corridor when I was carried to the box.

I was on it all eyes: what in it not so?

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In Olya G. reading

In Olya G. reading In Olya G.

reading such mistakes as the guessing reading the terminations, mixture of the letters designating vowels and e, at oh, I yo, and about, the mixtures of letters designating consonants are noted d, t d.

In Sasha Ya.

reading the following types Osh, a side prevail: an antitsipation, an optical mistake yo e, the admission of a line, a perseveration.

In Julie P.

reading antitsipation, the guessing reading the terminations, replacement of the word on the basis of optical similarity, optical mistakes were observed and at.

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As for definition

As for definition As for definition of a dyslexia, in our country it is also not reached a consensus in the solution of this question.

The most usable is definition, given to R.


Lalayeva according to which a dyslexia this partial disorder of process of mastering reading which is shown in the numerous repeating errors of resistant character, caused by not formation of the mental functions participating in process of mastering reading at safe hearing, sight, intelligence and regular training Page Despite variety of the existing definitions of a dyslexia and approaches to understanding of this violation, practically all researchers as in our country, and abroad expel from this group of children with intellectual and touch violations, and also cases of pedagogical neglect.

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Stork white, and rook. Select

Stork white, and rook. Select Stork big, and nightingale.

At a stork a long neck, and at a cuckoo.

At a nightingale a gray breast, and at a swallow.

Stork white, and rook.

Select exercise, call, remember: Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak and slovdeystviye.

Cuckoo what?


Rook black.

Stork important Swallow swiftwinged.

Migratory birds in the spring that do?


Migratory birds in the fall that do?

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Opponents Once I asked the director of one progressive school: There are at you at school intimacies?

Is not present he answered pompously we after all do not take difficult children.

Opponents of coeducation can object that it does boys effeminate, and girls mannish.

Behind any reasonings such allegedly moral reasons, and actually envious fears lie.

The sex executed love the greatest pleasure in the world and for this reason it is tried to be suppressed.

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